NEWCCP - Better than New Coke!

I managed to get “NEWCCP” installed and working in CP/M 2.2. I think NEWCCP may have actually been the origins of T-DOS as it is written by the same programmer. As the name suggests it is a replacement for the standard CCP that adds a few benefits like ditching the USER command in favour of the standard “A0>” style prompts and paths. It also adds paging to the TYPE command and includes frequently used commands (like COPY) as resident commands so they can be run from anywhere. You can read more about NEWCCP in Issue #36/#37 of the NIAD Newsletter.

What is really nice is that I was able to get this working on top of my ABP25-patched CP/M installation so now I’ve got a really decent CP/M environment that is somewhat comparable to T-DOS. Why not just use T-DOS? I do use it (and like it) however as I mentioned in a previous post, T-DOS’s video memory usage prevents me from running any software that makes use of ADAM’s graphics capabilities (like this cool Turbo Pascal bitmap library).