ADAM Links

ADAM Archive An absolutely incredible collection of ADAM software and documentation! The archive is maintained by William “Milli” Hicks, who is an ADAM expert and an awesome individual.

ADAM WARE Milli is one of the few programmers still actively creating new software for ADAM. He created the incredible Image Manager tool that I use to load disk images with my ADE Lite (SD) drive. Get Image Manager and other great new software for your ADAM here.

SmartBASIC Forums Helpful and friendly discussion forums with a full range of ADAM topics. Post a question here and there’s a good chance you’ll get an answer in no time! Like the archive, the forums are also maintained by Milli.

ADAM Stickers and Wearables Show the world that ADAM lives on! Here you can buy stickers, t-shirts, pins, and many other products to show off your ADAM fandom.

Adam News Network Home of A.N.N. and distributor of Microfox peripherals for ADAM. Managed by Bob Slopsema. If you are looking for a memory expander or other upgrades for your ADAM be sure to check here.

ADAM Family Computer System Features a treasure trove of ADAM newsletters, manuals, and software. I personally spend hours reading through the old newsletters on this site. They contain a ton of interesting and helpful information! The nostalgia factor is also high here since many of the newsletters were originally published in the 80s and 90s. Managed by Joe Blenkle.

ADAM Facebook Group An active and friendly ADAM user group on Facebook. A great place to “meet” other ADAM users of all experiene levels and a good way to stay up-to-date on what’s new with ADAM.

AtariAge - ColecoVision/Adam forum A section of the AtariAge forums dedicated to ColecoVision and ADAM topics.

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