Double Fail

Didn’t have such a great morning with ADAM today. First, I unsuccessfully tried to customize RamBOOT by copying FILEMANAGER onto its disk and renaming it as ADAMCALC. It wasn’t having it and simply refused to load File Manager when I hit the key for ADAM Calc. Just a blank screen. I still haven’t given up on customizing RamBOOT though. I’d love to be able to quickly jump in and out of programs of my choosing instead of its default SmartBASIC 1 and 2, ADAM Calc, and SmartWRITER options. There’s got to be a way.

After failing to customize RamBOOT I decided to change gears and try to install the ZDE programmer’s editor for CP/M. However, somewhere along the path of downloading the required files to my Mac, using WRDISK to copy them to an EOS disk image, and finally bringing them over to ADAM CP/M using the ADAM.COM tool it seems like the zde16.pma archive file got corrupted and it refused to fully extract. Sigh.