A New Coleco ADAM Book!

I recently got a new book called “Programming Games For The ColecoVision and ADAM in Assembler” by Tony Cruise. Yes, it is still 2020 and yes, there is a new book about ADAM programming! Of course I preordered this book as soon as I heard about it and it was released at the end of August as a digital Kindle book. You can get it on Amazon now or if you prefer a printed physical version you can preorder it here.

I’m already nine chapters into it and I’ve been enjoying it so far. The only unfortunate thing (for me) is that the workflow described in the book is Windows-centric and these days I use a Mac (when I’m not using my ADAM 🙂). This didn’t slow me down too much though as I already had a working virtualized Windows 10 installation on my Mac using VirtualBox before I started the book.

If you’re interested in creating games for ColecoVision or ADAM or maybe just interested in learning some Z-80 Assembler then I highly recommend checking out Tony’s book! There is a thread on the AtariAge forum where the author is active so you can discuss the book and ask any questions you may have.

Cover for Programming Games For The ColecoVision and ADAM in Assembler book.