Homebrew Hardware from the ADAM Community

Some new ADAM hardware goodies arrived this week!

I am thrilled to be one of the first people in Canada to get my hands on the awesome new ADAM SD-DDP drive! The SD-DDP drive uses SD cards and .DDP (Digital Data Pack) files (readily available on the ADAM Archive) to perfectly emulate an original ADAM Digital Data Drive. ADAM treats it just like a real DDP drive so it doesn’t need any software drivers… a true thing of beauty!

The SD-DDP project was originally created by Eric Pearson who generously shared all of the details on GitHub. Hardware guru John Lundy was able to use Eric’s plans and code to produce a beautiful professional-quality, user-installable device which he then made available for sale to all members of the ADAM community via the Coleco ADAM Facebook Group.

The second piece of hardware that arrived at my door this week was built by none other than ADAM legend James Walters (of Walters Software Co). It is an external power supply that negates the need to keep my aging SmartWRITER printer connected. The power supply is well built and looks fantastic as it perfectly complements ADAM’s memory console.

Check out the pictures! The ADAM community is very fortunate to have such incredibly knowledgeable, generous, and talented folks in its ranks.

The ADAM SD-DDP prior to installation.The SD-DDP installed in my ADAM and powered up.The Walters external power supply for the Coleco ADAM.The power supply and SD-DDP fully integrated into my ADAM system! Also pictured is my ADE Lite drive.