Hey Adamites! Hope your #FebruADAM is going well. I just wanted to shine a light on an ADAM BBS that Milli has recently brought online. This isn’t just any BBS though – this one is actually being served from an ADAM! Milli is running a Pro Edition of Shawn Merrick’s ADAMBBS software that Shawn is once again actively working on after a lengthy hiatus. The first version of ADAMBBS was released back in the 80s so it’s incredible that Shawn is back on the project. I highly recommend you give the BBS a “call” using your internet-connected ADAM or even using a telnet client if you have one. You can also visit the Adam BBS on Telnet BBS Guide and use their handy web-based client. Lots of options so sign in and say hello! Here’s the address:

Coleco Adam BBS welcome screen