🔌 New Power Supply

On Saturday a package arrived at my door from 8-bit Milli - I had pre-ordered one of his new ADAM Power Supplies. It’s a very unique design that clips right onto ADAM like a sidecar. I really love it because it helps reduce some of the infamous ADAM “sprawl” and makes for a clean, compact setup. It was packaged safely and installation was a breeze - Milli did a great job on this product. It even came with a free 90-day membership to the 👾 Retro Gamers Club. I happened to have an ADAM sticker that I got a couple of years ago for supporting the ADAM Archive in my drawer so I stuck it on the side of the power supply. Perfection!

8-bit Milli’s ADAM Power Supply (APS-2023)My current ADAM setup.