☘️ Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Go and check out Joe Blenkle’s wonderful collection of multimedia disks over on ColecoAdam.net. This image is from his St. Patrick’s Day 2023 disk.

St. Patrick’s Day image

Goodbye Twitter. Hello, Mastodon!

Due to recent changes at Twitter, I’ll no longer be cross-posting content there. Fortunately, I discovered that micro.blog (the cool service that powers this blog) provides some slick Mastodon integration. If you’re on Mastodon, you can now follow this blog via @jeff@adamcomputer.blog.

⏬ Fresh Digital Data Packs #ColecoADAM

Gotta get started on my taxes soon… luckily ADAM has me covered. 😉 #ColecoADAM #TaxTipThursday

Coleco ADAM Tax Planner software box


For day 2 of #FebruADAM let’s time travel all the way back to September 28, 1983 and watch as Coleco introduces ADAM to the public. 🍿

🎦 https://youtu.be/gg_I9TGYM-w

Of course I’m wearing this T-shirt today! 🙂 #FebruADAM

ADAM t-shirt

#FebruADAM Starts Today!

🥳 The very first #FebruADAM has begun! Conceived by Milli in the spirit of #SepTandy and #DOSember, #FebruADAM is the month dedicated to our favourite 8-bit computer, the Coleco ADAM. Celebrate the #ColecoADAM by sharing content with the hashtag #FebruADAM!


📷 8-bit Winter Blues ❄️ #ColecoADAM

Coleco ADAM

📰 Start spreading the news: February will henceforth be known as #FebruADAM! https://youtu.be/wbnuFhvUaYY #ColecoADAM

Attention ADAMites: William “Milli” Hicks is launching a new YouTube channel completely dedicated to the #ColecoADAM! Milli really knows his stuff so this is a channel you’ll definitely want to watch… subscribe today! ☑️🔔 https://youtube.com/channel/UCcOPctXP788CkTiQR_9CtWQ

An Early ADAM Christmas Gift 🎁

It’s the first day of December and Joe Blenkle has gifted the ADAM community with the 2020 edition of the A.N.N. (Adam News Network) Christmas disk! Thank you to Joe for all the hard work he put into this. I even managed to get my name included this year! This is a wonderful 320K multimedia disk image with a slideshow featuring colourful Christmas graphics set to classic holiday tunes.

You can download it directly from Joe’s website or from the Coleco ADAM Facebook Group here. Joe’s website also has a collection of multimedia Christmas disks for each year going back to 1992! Run them on your ADAM today to start feeling festive! 🎄

Here’s a sneak peak of just a few of the graphics:

🔵🔴 #ColecoADAM

Playing with SmartLOGO… it’s surprisingly powerful. Lots of learning to do! Found out that I can dump the byte data of a LOGO shape and use it in SmartBASIC 2.0 for a sprite. 🐢

Here’s your chance to support the indispensible ADAM archive and get a free car window sticker to show your ❤️ for the #ColecoADAM. Act now, limited quantities available! #RetroComputing ➡ http://adamarchive.org/donate.php

Turtle Talk with SmartLOGO

Believe it or not I’ve never tried SmartLOGO before! I vaguely remember being at a friend’s house back in the 80s when he showed it to me and said he could make games with it. I’ve got the manual here so I’m going to have some fun going through the tutorials and see what I can do with it. 🐢 Turtle Power!

SmartLOGO for Coleco ADAM

Tweeting from ADAM?!

Yes, it is possible to send a tweet from the ADAM! I did it this morning with the help of the RetroBattleStations Level29 BBS. Check out my tweet on Twitter.

Screenshot of posting to Twitter from my Coleco ADAM!

Just a BASIC Saturday morning! 🤓 #ColecoADAM

There’s a new sticker on my laptop. 👍

ADAM High Speed Digital Data Pack

New setup. 🤓 #ColecoAdam

It’d be super-interesting if someone would make a documentary or write a book about the behind-the-scenes goings on at Coleco during the development of Adam. Interviews with the engineers and product leads… basically anyone who worked on Adam at Coleco. There were cool products in the pipeline for Adam before the plug was pulled. Oh, what could have been!

Hello world!

ADAM welcomes you!

Welcome to my new ADAM blog. For some insight into why I’m doing this and what you can expect to see here please visit my About page.